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Unsolved Mysteries Of The World!

Religious beliefs, rituals or practices which are kept secret from non-believers, or lower levels of believers, who have not had an initiation into the higher levels of belief (the concealed knowledge may be called esoteric). Beliefs of the religion which are public knowledge but cannot be easily explained by normal rational or scientific means. Although the term “mystery” is not often used in anthropology, access by initiation or rite of passage to otherwise secret beliefs is an extremely common feature of indigenous religions all over the world. Mysticism may be defined as an area of philosophical or religious thought which focuses on mysteries in the first sense above. A mystagogue or hierophant is a holder and teacher of secret knowledge in the second sense above. (Visited ...

Animals with a strange figure

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See only those who are remembered!

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Posters Sonna Kathai ft. Thappu Thanda | Put Chutney

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How Healthy Are Dosas Recipes ? Tamil Health Tips

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Shocking Rituals On Earth!

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Eight female IPS officers who make India proud

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What is human life after death? The truth came out in the research

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Do you know why 30 nations destroyed the Tigers?

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NASA – Tipu Sultan, who stunned

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Do you know how good the figs are before eating the night!

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